Smile medicine is a project where 12 artists (clown-doctors, animators, art teachers) go to the pediatric ward of Black Lion Hospital to play with and entertain the kids for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week.  This programme has been successfully running for the past 9 years offering laughter, recreation, and health education not only to the young patients but also parents and staff working at the hospital – both of whom play a key role in the children’s recovery process.


The moments of happiness and distraction the smile medicine brings to the children reduce pain, stress, fear, and expedite/contribute towards the sick children’s recovery.  While the physicians and health practitioners tend to the physical ailment of these children, the smile medicine team takes care of their emotional and psychological well-being.

Since the beginning (2009), the Smile Medicine has been running with the support of Fondation Alta Mane (CH) and Fondazione Alta Mane (IT). In 2018, our long standing donors step out of the project – a challenge that encouraged us to find new ways of securing funds. Believing a great potential resides within Ethiopians, we decided to look for support from within – thereby launching For Us By Us – a campaign to raise funds for Ethiopians by Ethiopians.

Smile medicine Numbers

#9 Years of continuous activities at Black Lion Hospital – the largest general public hospital in Ethiopia

#75K Children reached every year in all wards of the pediatric wing

#12 a professional team of 4 clown doctors, 7 animators, and 1 art teacher bringing fun and creativity

#6 Days per week of clowning, storytelling, group games, puppetry, painting, and reading