Directed by Dereje Dange
With 6 performing artists

Move-in is a laborious, hopeful, and utopic journey of a migrant depicted across a turbulent landscape. Following trajectories through empty spaces, vast deserts and deep darkness, this show represents both the physical and emotional voyage of a traveller caught in-between two worlds. Acrobatics, teeterboard, cyr wheel, juggling and object manipulation are techniques used to develop movements of the artists on stage.

No enemy



Directed by Shimeles Getachew

With 4 performing artists

This show is one that reminds us that we have no enemy in this world, that our differences can be solved with time – if we give each other a chance.


(Volcano in Afari Lanugage)


Directed by Dereje Dange
With 8 performing artists

Er’tale is an imaginary world full of stories where fantasy and reality are mixed. Like the eruption of a volcano, characters and emotions bring energy, light, and power to this interactive and dynamic show. Acrobats fly in the air, balancing in the heights, climbing, jumping, dancing, juggling with their hands and feet. The unexpected occurs in this show where all the acts are performed together and at the same time. The show has the fresh and strong style of African performers, with the singular character of Ethiopian circus, which opens a door to a new identity in the tradition of circus.



Directed by Dereje Dange and Clio Suzzani

With 4 performing artists


Be-on in Amharic means “if it were”, it is the desire for imagination and poetry. Be-on is a sound that comes from afar, bringing with it the fascination of travel and contagious joy. Like a flower that blooms on the asphalt, it brings surprise and vivacity in an extinct world. It is created and performed by people who with passion believe that, beyond the gray, there is a world suspended, made of great beauty. With circus arts interspersed with the rhythm of traditional dances, the protagonists of Be-on play with time and space, transforming every adversity into a creative dream. With their acrobatics they leave us waiting for the vision of “great beauty” that all, in our hearts, we want to see fulfilled.



Directed by Dereje Dange and Shimelis Getachew

With 22 performing artists and 5 musicians



Designed for the first African Circus Arts Festival, The Origin tackles the struggle and the infinite symbiosis between man and nature. A man alone in a desert sadly remembers how many trees and animals used to live in the area. While people continue to destroy the earth, he fights and finally succeeds to make a new generation that protects nature and recovers what has been lost.


2013 – 2015

Directed by Giovanni Locascio and Dereje Dange

Fekat Circus featuring Slum Drummers (Nairobi)

With 9 performing artists and 5 musicians


When Ethiopian acrobats meet Kenyan musicians, love begins to flow, giving rise to a vibrant multi-cultural show, full of passion and stunning rhythms, using the unique recycled and self-made instruments of the Slum Drummers. In 2015, the show toured for four months in Spain (Creatividad Solidaria).



Directed by Dereje Dange
With 5 performing artists and 3 musicians


First creation of Fekat Circus based on the legendary Abyssinian queen, Makeda. The story is interspersed with virtuoso juggler, acrobat and contortionist circus acts, as well as with dances and live music from Ethiopia. The show highlights the Ethiopian pride for its history and tradition and has successfully been on tour for three consecutive years in Italy (Nomad Adventure).