Fekat Social Circus is a non-profit making organization established by fourteen Ethiopians circus artists and one international associate. Its objective is to promote circus as agent of social change and development of the local community. The legal representative of Fekat Circus is the Sport Club’s president (Dereje Dange). Fekat Circus Enterprise is born from Fekat Circus Club to enhance and develop the arts and professional aspect of the organization. Fekat Circus organizational structure reflects its belief on the importance of having decisions made by those directly and primarily involved in the life of the circus. The governance and management structure is made up of the General Assembly and the Management Committee. The General Assembly is the circus’s main decision-making organ. It meets once a year and is composed of the 15 club founders and 20 trainees of the circus school. During the GA meeting, a detailed activity and financial report is presented by the Management Committee for endorsement by the GA members; future directions are proposed and discussed by all the members; and decisions are voted on and endorsed. The Management Committee comprises 6 members and meets on a regular basis to decide on technical and administrative issues and to act on decisions taken by the GA. All in all, Fekat Circus employs 26 staff. The circus trainers, the animators and the doctor-clowns manage the day-to-day activities in the Fekat Circus School and outreach projects (hospital, juvenile prison, orphanages, street children rehabilitation projects, etc.). They are supervised by the Management Team. Final accountability for the activities of the circus rests with the Club’s President.