Fekat Circus big top is called Dinknesh. It arrived in Addis Ababa on February, 2018. This circus tent is acquired from an old gypsy family living in Marseilles, France. It was purchased with the support of European Union, and the massive crowdfunding campaign, LiVE THE CIRCUS. It was inaugurated at the second African Circus Arts Festival hosting circus shows from all over the continent. The tent is traveling to Hawassa, South of Ethiopia from November – December, 2018 to host the Creative Hub with shows every day for 14 days. Dinknesh, the tent spans 25 meters in diameter and accommodates 500 people.

Rent Dinkinish

Dinknesh is the perfect spot to host memorable events!

If you are interested in renting Dinknesh contact

Dereje Dange

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In July 2017, Live the Circus, a crowd funding campaign to bring the first circus tent to Ethiopia was launched. The dream to have a circus tent responds to the desire to involve more youth and previously unreachable audience into the power of circus. It also accomplishes Fekat’s need of an alternative space since Fekat’s current premises is at risk of being put for sale.