Smile’s Medicine Project in Black Lion Hospital

In 2009 Fekat Circus began to run the “Smile’s medicine project” in the paediatric ward of the Black Lion Hospital, the main governmental hospital in Ethiopia. Since then, every day, for two hours, a team of animators and doctor-clowns entertains the young patients hosted in the ward.The project’s intent is to promote the healing process of the hospitalized children by creating a more child-friendly environment. Through clowning, storytelling, group games, painting and puppetry, the project seeks to improve the emotional and psychological well-being of the patients, thereby stimulating better health conditions, atmosphere and recovery.The project is funded by Fondazione Alta Mane Italia (AMI) and Fondation Alta Mane Geneva (AMG). In addition, since 2011 Fondazione Theodora is supporting the project by building the capacities of our doctor-clown team.

In June 2015, a documentary about the Smile’s Medicine project was released. The documentary is a dream come true. Thanks to the participation of the Fekat Circus team, the hospital staff and the young patients in making the documentary, the project is now accessible to a wide audience.

In 2013 & 2016, Dream doctors from Israel, have organized workshops for the Fekat Circus doctor-clowns in Addis Ababa.

We would also like to mention that the “Smile’s medicine project” was inspired after our unforgettable visit in 2008 to the Sarakasi Trust Hospital Project in Kenya!


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2. Make up
3. Doctor clowns in action