We believe circus arts are a powerful tool to spread joy and positive values in this world afflicted with suffering and individualism. This is why Fekat Circus wants to widely spread circus arts, reach as many children and youngsters as possible, and give an opportunity to blossom to thousands of them.

Coming from a challenging background, the Fekat Circus members know that, spent wisely, one euro or one dollar can go a long way. “Spending little, to harvest much” is the Fekat Circus motto. With our small budget (a little more than 50 000 € in 2013), we were able to reach 76,000 children and youngsters in 2013. We mean to continue to make every euro profitable, thereby fulfilling our resolve to reach as many children and youth as possible.

Fekat Circus is a non-profit making organization that receives support from international donors. However, Fekat Circus also strives to become financially sustainable. For this purpose it also offers a range of paying services, including circus shows and trainings, private party animation and rental of equipment, to cover the association’s running cost.  In 2013, proceeds from our income-generating activities represented 27% of Fekat Circus’s total income. Within the next three years, Fekat Circus expects to bring that figure to 50% without undermining its social dimension.

Fekat Circus believes that exchanges and encounters with other cultures is of the utmost importance for the socio-artistic and cultural development of its artists and also of youngsters in general. We love meeting with any kind of artist and discover both ancient and new art forms.

Fekat Circus endeavours to develop work opportunities and create a market for African circus artists within the continent so that they may stay in their own country and do not have to leave the continent in order to make a living.