LiVE THE CIRCUS is a campaign Fekat Circus has launched at a critical moment of its existence, in order to secure a new home.
Born in 2004, Fekat Circus is the main social circus in Ethiopia. It is one of the few artistic and creative spaces in Addis Ababa that is open to everyone. Over the past decade, Fekat Circus has run a community circus school initiating over 50 professional performers and trained thousands of at-risk youth. It also runs the only clown-doctor project for sick children in the main hospital of the country. Its lively troupe has thrilled audiences in Ethiopia and internationally. In 2015, Fekat Circus organised the first African Circus Arts Festival.
Fekat’s space, which is a home to so many, is now for sale and rent in town has become insanely high and unaffordable for us. Without a space Fekat Circus will die off. Without a space we will no longer be a transformative platform for thousands of youths.
Our plan is to bring the first circus tent to Ethiopia and move around free spaces in town. The tent will also tour small towns of Ethiopia, many of which have no access to the arts. Fekat Circus has already succeeded to purchase a beautiful red and white tent. This tent can host 40 trainees at a time, and 400 audiences. Now we need your help to transport it to Ethiopia!
With your help, Fekat could become the only travelling circus in the history of Ethiopia and will continue to work in communities: connecting, uplifting, and thrilling through circus arts!
The circus tent needs to travel 8,000km to reach Addis Ababa!
10€ for 2km
50€ for 10km
100€ for 20km
250€ for 50kms
If you really love us even 25,000€! ! ;)

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